I really like collecting CDs, and sometimes I rip them.

I rip in 320 kbps MP3; if you want FLAC or something just email me, I'll just need to actually take the time to get to it. If any links aren't working just let me know as well.

CD rips

ちゃぁ - テクノストレス (2008)

Techno Stress

テクノストレス actually has a note in the liner that says you're free to do whatever with their music as long as it's non-commercial (never mind that they haven't uploaded anything new in nearly 10 years), so I think this (along with the other reuploads of Chaa's music) is fair game.


ちゃぁ - グリグリッチ (2009)



ちゃぁ - ブリバリ (2009)



misc uploads

kiichi, Treow, ちゃぁ - ワクテカEP (2009)

Wakuteka EP

Lovely collab album featuring the holy trio of Chaa, kiichi, and Treow. I actually finally managed to buy a copy of this, I'm just waiting on it to arrive. In the meanwhile, this is a reupload of what I grabbed off MikuDB years ago.

MEGA LINK (192 kbps unfortunately)

ちゃぁ's Piapro upload compilation

Piapro upload compilation

This definitely falls under the definition of "bootleg," but this is my personal collection of Chaa's Piapro uploads that I listen to regularly. Should be (almost) everything, includes 54 tracks. Varying quality as uploaded by Chaa. Album art used is this Piapro upload by 96no.

Personal favourites: 恐怖ガーデン (the classic itself), absurd, 和bit, over infinity, 積み木遊び, バグとり名人 ~debug HITSUJI~

MEGA LINK (varying qualities)