short version

☆ Name: Nyarlathotep
☆ Gender: none
☆ Age: old enough
☆ True love: Asuka♥
No, there's nothing suspicious about me / I'm just a lonely despot who made the wrong choice!

long version

I'm Nyarlathotep, also known as Reagan.

I'm just some guy -- depressed office worker by day, back alley sysadmin by night. I'm a hobbyist and Linux user of about 10~ years now, though I admittedly have no real qualifications aside from "I can read manuals."

In addition to computers, I also like video games (Half-Life, Jet Set Radio Future, Project Diva, Doom 2016, and Postal 2 are among some favourites), drinking copious amounts of Monster energy, and writing from time to time. I also think VR is super cool and have been obsessed with vocalsynth music since 2011 or so.

My favourite character is Asuka R. Kreutz from Guilty Gear, and I love him wholeheartedly, honestly, and dearly. I've been infatuated with his autistic swag since Xrd and it's insane to see that he actually finally made it into the game as of May 2023. Go listen to his theme by the way, it's really good.