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No gender
22 years old
ON, Canada

Last login: 2021-11-28

Mood: drunk

NYAR☆'s Interests

General Linux, server administration, beautiful women, drinking excessively
Music UtsuP, Chaa, Kiichi, HachiojiP, NashimotoP, syudou, cosMo, MSI, NIN, Ohgr, Marina
Movies Repo! The Genetic Opera, John Wick
Television Mr Robot, MLPFIM, Invader Zim
Games Half-Life, Tokyo 7th Sisters, Project Diva, The Elder Scrolls, When They Cry, Guilty Gear, Project Sekai, Dark Souls
Heroes Jerma985

NYAR☆'s Details

Three sizes B 96.5, W 82, H 103
Weight ;)
Height 180something cm
Orientation Bisexual
Ethinicity White
Zodiac sign Virgo ☼ Leo ☾↗
Personality INTP 5w4
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Member since 9 February 2017
Welcome to my page :)

NYAR☆'s Blurbs

About me:


The name’s Nyar (or also Reagan). I’m an internet vampire, unironic nightcore listener, and a cryptid with a computer. I hail from the sewers of Ontario, Canada.

This is my Neocities site where I post a lot of bullshit. I’m some dumbass hobbyist with no formal education, but a passion for technology regardless. I’ve been a home Linux user since about 2013-ish, and have been running servers as well since 2018. I tend to mess around with HTML/CSS and PHP a lot, but I don’t really do anything that’s particularly amazing and revolutionary – I am no “programmer” as the youths call it.

I also play some video games; I'm a fan of Half-Life, Dark Souls, Guilty Gear, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Project Diva (also Sekai), and When They Cry. I also play whatever else happens to catch my eye, but I'm no hardcore enthusiast by any means.